A famous park called Cedar Point wanted to break records,Putting the first 1000 ft rollercoaster, called the Sky tower,Constructon start on 2019,They built it at 2020. Its located between Top Thrill Dragster and Maverick. The sky tower can be seen from almost anywhere in the park.It is a purple colored coaster with white pillars,The coaster speed is 200 mph.

Opening day

It opened on July 1 2020,The first train launched

All five trains are silver/black and have Empire state building picture on it.

It broke the record for the fastest coaster,tallest coaster and the most g force(7.1 in one test)


The sky tower is probably infamous for a crazy amount of incidents,but lets face it its just too tall

On February 14 2021,It snowed suddenly during the evening and the coaster launched but the cable snapped and the train was falling backwards as the last car fell out of the track and 4 people were killed.

On February 23 2021,The train fell backwards again but no one died

People have complained it ruins the skyline but later accepted it.

On November 5 2021,The ride was struck by lightning